It had been 325 years that the Philippines was under Spanish rule when the Revolution, led by Andres Bonifacio, exploded on August 21, 1896.
But on May 9, 1897, Bonifacio was charged with death sentence by rival revolutionaries led by Emilio Aguinaldo.
Bonifacio’s body has never been found. His wife, Gregoria De Jesus, searched for his body in the mountains for thirty days, calling for Andres and even spirits to help her find her husband.
In the meantime, Emilio Jacinto, Bonifacio’s most loyal brother of arm, is striving to figure out what happened to Andres and what has become of revolution…

Prologue To The Great Desaparecido is an introduction to Lav Diaz’s most important upcoming feature film, The Great Desaparecido, which questions Truth and History around Philippine Revolution and Independence.

This short film is an introduction to the full-length film, The Great Desaparecido, Lav Diaz’s most ambitious work about Philippine Independence and its history.

Help us produce The Great Desaparecido through crowdfunding. Support the film! (see the different options in the player above) Salamat!

Written and directed by Lav Diaz
Produced by Bich-Quân Tran and Bianca Balbuena
A Dissidenz Films and Epicmedia Production
in association with Sine Olivia Pilipinas

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